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Throughout the year it is imperative that we check the health of the animals. We minimise interaction with the animals as much as possible, which allows them to be happier and stressless.

Our wether flock will only have interactions with our shepherds and their trained team of dogs twice a year.  For the ewes it is more because of their important job of lambing healthy lambs.


After the Autumn Muster we crutch our ewes and wethers. It is a time for us to check their health, crutch them (removal of wool from their bottoms to avoid fly strike), as well as remove any wool from around their eyes so they can seek shelter and food in colder temperatures.


A month after the ram has been put out with the ewes we scan for positive pregnancies.


Pre lambing we shear our entire flock. It is important to remove the wool from the sheep once a year. If left for any longer, it would become too heavy for the sheep to move around comfortably. It also allows them to seek food and shelter with more visibility after their wooly hair-do is removed.


It is also important for our lamb survival rate. By removing the mother ewes wool she will be more likely to take her lamb to shelter in cold weather. 


Ewes and lambs are checked again three months after lambing, and again at weaning time.


Any interaction after that is to ensure there is a good supply of food and they are happy and healthy.

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