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Otematata Station has been tended, nurtured and farmed by the Cameron Family for six generations.


Hugh’s sons Ted (Hugh Edward) and Jack (John Edward) oversaw the property when Hugh’s health deteriorated from a horse incident. James, the oldest son, was in South Africa fighting in the Boer war (he later returned to South Africa to the farm after the war).


1908 Joseph Farrar and Walter Preston purchased Otematata Station (an additional 68, 760 acres) and combined the two properties.


Walter Preston took on the sole management of the two properties when Joseph Farrar passed away.


During WWII Walter Preston moved to Otematata Station, where he oversaw the running of Aviemore, Otematata, and Wainui. When Walter’s second son Bob returned from service in the Air Force (decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross) he took over the management of the Wainui property.


Joe married Mary Macaulay.

Joe and Mary had three children –

Catherine Mary (Kate), Hugh Alexander and Helen Frances .


Joe passed away and his son Hugh took on the management of the properties.


Hugh Cameron purchased Aviemore Station with his wife Sarah. 

Hugh and Sarah had twelve children –

Elizabeth (Lizzie), Jane Keddie (Janie), James, Martha Ann (Annie), Catherine Isabella, Hugh Edward (Ted), John Edward Preston, Joseph Farrar, Mary Thorp Taylor, Walter Preston, Arthur Preston and Frederick.


Joseph Farrar, aged 20, took over the management of Aviemore Station when his older brothers had moved onto other farming prospects (Ted at Ben Avon Station and Jack at Ben Ohau).


Walter Preston purchased Wainui, a property near Kurow, and in the same year married Frances May Thiele (May).

Walter and Frances had four children – Hugh Frederick, Robert Walter (Bob), Marion Frances and Joseph Farrar Jnr (Joe).


Frances May passed away.

Their youngest son Joe was just six. Walter’s sister Catherine moved to Wainui to care for the children, and when the three eldest went to boarding school in Dunedin, she took Joe home to her home Ardintrime in Ashburton before he attended boarding school.


During the school holidays Joe would visit and work on the properties.


When Walter Preston retired, Joe (in his early 20’s) took on the management of the properties with the addition of Awakino Downs, which was recently purchased.


Hugh Alexander married Amanda Jane Bishop (Mandy).

Hugh and Mandy had two children –

Joseph Frederick (Joe) and Olivia Marae.


Joe married Philippa Cameron (Pip).

Joe and Pip have two children –

Flora Mae and Evelyn Alexander.

Through the great wars, the depression, severe snow storms, rabbits, the building of the Benmore Dam, droughts and various states of the economy; the Cameron’s have weathered the storms. Together with the sweat and tears of hard-working and loyal staff, the land has been cared for and preserved for future generations.

Hugh is the current proprietor of Otematata Station, which currently consists of the following titles – Aviemore, Otematata, Little Awakino and Awakino Downs.


Together he farms with his son Joe and his wife Pip. 

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